Esperance is ideally located in the south-east coastal region of Western Australia, and is home to some of the worlds whitest beaches, pristine coastline and picturesque National Parks.

With much to do in the town centre of Esperance (most of which is only a short stroll from your Apartment) we also recommend you stay an extra day or two to explore further. Embark on a day drive and visit all of the stunning beaches along the Great Ocean Road: West Beach, Blue Haven, Twilight Beach, Observatory Point and 11 Mile Beach. Also, be sure to head out to the famous Cape le Grand National Park, visit the iconic Western Grey Kangaroos of Lucky Bay and climb Frenchman’s Peak.

There is so much to see and experience in our part of the world and we are more than happy to help you with information and suggestions.


Esperance Driftwood Apartments is just a few minutes walk from the heart of Esperance, also very close proximity to;

  • Safe swimming areas (200m)
  • Esperance Foreshore (200m)
  • Don Mackenzie Waterfront Gardens (250m)
  • Taylor St. Quarters (300m)
  • Esperance Yacht Club (100m) (Friday night dinners only)
  • The Loose Goose Restaurant (300m)
  • The Pier Hotel (Bar, Restaurant & Liquor Store) (300m)
  • Esperance Museum (400m)
  • Esperance Historical Village (400m)
  • Rotary Lookout (1.6km)
  • Great Ocean Drive – 40 kilometre scenic loop drive along the Esperance coastline and pristine beaches:
    • West Beach (2km)
    • Blue Haven Beach (4.8k)
    • Twilight Beach (9.1km)
    • Wind Farm (17.6km)
    • 11 Mile Beach (21k)
  • McDonald’s Esperance (250m)
  • Esperance Skatepark (140m)
  • Esperance SUPA IGA (550m)


  • Bandy Creek Boat Harbour (fishing) (9.4km)
  • Lucky Bay brewing ( Bandy Creek )
  • Pink Lake Lookout (7.5km)
  • Condingup Tavern – Bar, Restaurant (69km)
  • Stonehenge Fisheries road
  • Yirri Grove Fisheries grove
  • Gibson Soak Hotel – Bar, Restaurant (26km)
  • Bird and Animal Park & Cafe (13 km)
  • Cape Le Grand National Park (72.7km) (insert link to DPAW)
    • Frenchman’s Peak
    • Lucky Bay